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12oz.  single origin coffee


Name: Costa Rica Tarrazu

Origin: Costa Rica

Region: Tarrazu

Altitude:1200-1800 MASL

Process: Washed


Cupping Notes: Intense, fragrant aroma. Well-rounded body & bright acidity. Juicy mouthfeel and flavors of citrusy tropical fruit.


The Tarrazu region is located in the mountains of Costa Rica and is known to produce distinguished coffee. Tarrazu is a market name for coffees produced and processed within the region. Coffee from this area is known to be relatively heavy-bodied with a complex aroma.


Available ground or as freshly roasted whole coffee beans.  Please specify in this product's dropdown menu.

"This product is home produced"

KAMPFIRE Costa Rica Tarrazu Med.Dark Roast

  • Per Ohio Cottage Food Laws, this item's sales are limited to the state of Ohio.

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