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0.5oz Beard Oil in convenient glass dropper bottle.  


This hand blended beard oil is made with natural coffee oil and other premium essential oils, along with Vitamin E, Meadowfoam seed oil, sweet almond oil, and Jojoba oil to help sooth skin and provide a nice shine.  A small amount of coffee fragrance and Birch Tar are added to provide slightly sweet and smoky notes that offer a pleasant aroma of freshly roasted coffee. 


Coffee essential oils can provide smooth, soft skin when applied topically and are proven to be an excellent source of antioxidants that prevents early signs of aging. Claims have been made that coffee oils can aide in the treatment of depression and other nervous system and mental stress related problems as well as offer relief from accute respiratory problems. 


Directions:  Apply 3-5 drops of oil to palm. Rub hands together.  Massage oil upwards into beard hair, whiskers, and surrounding skin.  Comb down through beard if necessary.  Discontinue or limit use if skin shows signs of redness or irritation.

** This product is home produced **




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